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‘From the 1890s our great great uncle Billy Taylor got our family into the industry of mastic asphalting. In the 1950s my father Ray Cleworth worked on the CIS building in Manchester, he did the asphalt tanking in the basement which is laid thirty three meters in depth. No leaks have ever occurred. This is a testament to my Father’s application and the mastic asphalt product.’

Graham Cleworth – Director

As with all products asphalt is only as good as the skilled men and women who apply and supply it. Ace Asphalt Ltd can certify that all operatives laying mastic asphalt have completed an approved apprenticeship in the craft of mastic asphalting issued under the authority of the National Joint Council for the Building Industry by the National Joint Apprenticeship Board.

All our operatives are members of the construction skills certification scheme – CSCS card holders.

Ensuring Mastic Asphalt is the product you need.

Mastic asphalt has been around for over one hundred years in its present form, during that time period the product has had changes made to refine the material so it can carry the British Standard kite mark, a mark of quality.

Roofing Asphalt

Roofing asphalt applied correctly is the best product on the market. Asphalt roofing is more durable and longer lasting than any other product, lasting forty to seventy years.
Asphalt roofing repairs are easy due to the nature of the material.

Taking Asphalt To Basements

Asphalt tanking is used in basements to stop water penetrating through the walls and floor area. Asphalt tanking will out live the building. All asphalt tanking surfaces will be covered with concrete and brick so no wear and tear will ever occur on the asphalt tanking laid in a basement area.

Flooring Asphalt

Flooring asphalt is a great product, it comes in different grades in order to suit all your needs. it can be used to level floors, stop damp coming through floors and can go over quarry tiles and over concrete floors where the D.P.C has failed. A variety of floor coverings can be laid on top of asphalt. Asphalt will stop any dust from rising from the product over which it has been laid.

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